The digital innovation powerhouse for all your future perfect solutions and platforms

We are well-known for helping businesses during their journey into the digital era by envisioning (ideating), designing, building and maintaining digital solutions and platforms. 

We help you grow your business by making use of 
cutting edge technologies.


We help you stay up to date.

Confidently face your future, knowing that over 200 passionate professionals help you to stay on the digital track and achieve your business goals. 

Expect technical excellence, short delivery cycles and software 
running like clockwork!

Digital touchpoint design

Our craftsmen listen carefully and transform your ideas into state-of-the-art 
digital interfaces.

Platform design / blueprint

 Expect a solid, scalable, secure, extensible and capable architecture, design to last!

Digital solution craftmanship

Molding a well thought-out concept into a splendid evolutionary digital solution,

Managed Service Provider

For your customers to experience a smooth and consistent level of service,

Rather than about thinking, 
it’s about DOING things!

We design and develop working prototypes to test the 
viability of your new digital business idea for just 9K!
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About us

You drive. We navigate!

We are product and technology independent and offer the best of breed
end-to-end solutions for customers keeping the specific situation of each customer in mind.
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We co-think

Together with you, we design and create digital products and platforms that are aligned with your strategic goals. Design thinking is one of our favorite ways to come to digital products wherein the end user is the centerpiece.

We co-create

With state-of-the-art technologies like machine learning, AI, AR, Cloud, IOT and smart devices, we build the designed solution keeping our quality standards and best practices for delivery in mind.

We co-deliver

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. We start with building ‘Minimum Valuable Products’ (MVP). Short delivery cycles allow you to experiment and test the product in the market. We never fail but make Fast Attempts In Learning (FAIL), together with you!

We take care

You don’t need to worry about maintaining or hosting your product. We keep your stuff in the air and take care of it!

We help you grow... entrepreneur or idea!

Are you interested in the possibilities of our network and your possibilities to grow as an entrepreneur in our ecosystem? Let's talk!

Do you have an excellent business idea but don't know how to elaborate on it? We are there to help you and test the viability of your new digital business idea.  

We are…

Down to earth

We have a no-nonsense attitude aimed at helping you to meet your goals in the most cost-effective way.
Who needs a sophisticated laser gun when you have a slingshot in your back pocket?


We’re well known for our agility and our levelheaded mindset.
We combine our theoretical background, models and proven technology insights with our pragmatic and practical mindset in.

Result oriented

We go the core of your challenge and tackle this one. First things first. No words, but acts. Delivering minimum viable products, that’s what we want.


Fierce, forceful and zealous, our consultants are determined to increase your business value as determined professionals. They will not stop before the challenge is resolved.
Our sleep is yours.

Hear from our happy customers.

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Hear from our happy customers.

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We are one big happy family

We proudly present the expert companies in our Slingshot family.

Working together allows us to challenge each other, enlarge our ecosystem with multiple areas of expertise, combine forces and thus, allowing us to offer a complete digital powerhouse to our customers.

We’re hiring!

Hey you! Yes you! Come and have a chat with one of our team members. We mix the latest trends and evolutions with our greatest asset, our passionate people! If “work hard, play hard” sounds like music to your ears, send us your CV.
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