You drive. We navigate!

We want to face the future together and are very eager to co-act, not only from within our Slingshot ecosystem but also together with yours! 
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We co-think

Together with you, we design digital products and platforms that are aligned with your strategic goals.

Design thinking is one of our favourite ways to come to digital products wherein the enduser is the center piece.


We co-create

With state-of-the-art technologies like machine learning, AI, AR, Cloud, IOT and smart devices, we build the designed solution keeping our quality standards and best practices for delivery in mind.

Our strive towards technical excellence in combination with our proven technology track record and our realistic and down-to-earth mindset are our main ingredients to bake your products. No “technology for technology” but technology used to maximize your business value!

We are technological front runners but also keep the real need for, and the applicability of, those technologies in mind.
  • Extreme personalization and AR
  • Machine learning/AI
  • Cloud
  • Smart devices
  • RPA


We co-deliver

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. We start with building ‘Minimum Valuable Products’ (MVP).

Short delivery cycles allow you to experiment and test the product in the market. We never fail but make Fast Attempts In Learning (FAIL) together with you!


We take care

You don’t need to worry about maintaining or hosting your product. 
We keep your stuff in the air and take care of it!

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