Fast digital idea track

  • Is your current business model under pressure?
  • Are you struggling to select one of your new business ideas?
  • Do you feel the need to solve one of your problems or the one’s of your customers in a short period of time?
We are there to help you out and test the viability of your new digital business idea!
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What we will do for you…

We start with your idea and expertise and we propose you the solution.
We challenge it to have a good understanding 
of your need.
We use our technical excellence, ultrashort and fast delivery cycle together with your business knowledge.
And we provide you with a first prototype to test the value and viability of your idea in the market.

Realitycheck your business for just 9K

No long term commitments, no useless money spend, no great promises, …. Just the first reality check of your new digital business idea with a tangible result that allows you to check its viability! And all of this for just 9K!

How we bring your idea to life…


Ideation & prototype sketching

A truly great solution solves a real problem and starts with a profound understanding of that problem. It must be clear which need you want to solve.

In a first step, we collaborate with you on gaining a deep understanding of your idea and the problem that needs fixing. Setting a shared goal and sharing an understanding of what the solution should address, we’ll generate a myriad of ideas to choose from. Safe ones but also more daring and brave ones too! We might even stumble upon totally disruptive ones while we are at it, challenging the status quo.

Next we’ll start wire framing and sketching - together with you - keeping the feedback loop as short as possible.
While converging towards a common design, you’ll see the virtual prototype emerge before our very eyes and tweak it.
  • Techniques: Design thinking, Customer/live journey, User experience mapping, Prioritization, …
  • Deliverables: Wireframes, clickable mock-ups, rapid prototyping, ….


Production and assembly of the initial working prototype

During the next iteration, our prototyping craftsmen take the initial virtual prototype and mold it into a fully functional prototype of the envisioned solution.

During those very intense development days, functionality gets added, layer after layer, the high quality prototype iteratively taking shape. We’ll let the paint dry during the night (mostly around day 4), for you to attend the première on daybreak of day 5, the start of the design iterations.


Design sprints

We’re excited and anxious but totally ready to receive your comments on the demo of your high quality prototype on the start of the first sprint. We’ll demo and discuss in depth the first impressions, the tweaks you wish it already had, any new insights you might have gained in the meantime, and so on. We’ll strike a balance between adjusting and  endless tweaking, kicking the first of the 2 additional sprints into gear.

Getting ready to enter the final round of developing, extending and polishing, we start (mostly around day 7) with a demo and eagerly await your input, findings and wishes for the very last adjustments. With this we start the very last sprint, put it firmly in motion, and work relentlessly to achieve the desired finished result.


Packaging & delivery

At the end (mostly around day 9), we proudly present you the end result early in the morning, right before we package it all up and deploy it in the cloud.

We do not rest until we are completely assured that you can independently handle your bright and shiny new solution.
We certainly hope to see nothing but satisfied faces at the end of our discovery track!

Rather than about thinking, 
it’s about DOING things!


Let’s have a chat!

Yes, really, we let you experience from this action oriented 
learning approach for just 9K!
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